About the Academy

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Innovative and free online employability training

Created specifically to meet the needs of jobseekers, the Skills to Succeed Academy offers 36 bitesize, interactive modules to pick and choose from, preparing jobseekers for the entire journey of choosing the right career, finding a job and succeeding in the work place.

The training is interactive, featuring relatable characters and focuses on building the skills and confidence to empower jobseekers to take ownership of their job search. Innovative simulations provide a safe environment where Learners can practice for real life situations, such as a job interview, instantly seeing the consequences of their decisions.

How to get access to the Skills to Succeed Academy training?

If you are a jobseeker or a student you can find the Learner Access Code that you will need to use to register on the site by clicking here. If you have heard of the Skills to Succeed Academy through an organisation (e.g. your school, college or careers service provider) please check with them first in case they have their own Access Code. Take a look at the Learner Quick Start Guide if you need help accessing the training or choosing the right modules for you.

Staff/Advisors who have not been given an Access Code by their organisation, can refer to our Getting Started Guide to get access. The Getting Started Guide also provides Staff/Advisors with everything they need to get going on the Skills to Succeed Academy, including information to help you use it across your organisation, including how to share details of the programme across your organisation, what delivery options are available and the support available to you.

We also recommend you take a look at our online Advisor Training Module, a quick & simple way to learn how to use the training materials and get the most out of it when supporting learners.

About Accenture

Accenture PLC is a global management consulting and professional services company that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services. To find out more about Accenture and what we do, please visit accenture.ie

Our partners

We work with a broad range of employment support bodies, who have come together with Accenture Ireland as delivery partners, including:

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